Putin Congratulates Khabib-Tells Conor there is hell to pay when you provocate Russian

Russian President Vladimir Putin tells “anyone could have acted” and beaten Conor as the same way as Khabib Nurmagomedov destroyed Conor McGregor. Putin Congratulate Khabib “don’t fuck with Russians,” he said.

Putin Congratulate Khabib-Tell Conor there is hell to pay when you provocate Russian

Putin Congratulate Khabib

Before the combat UFC 229 between Khabib vs Conor, we all saw it how Conor McGregor was abusing Khabib by disrespecting his family. McGregor called Khabib’s father a coward and traitor and even attacking his religion “Islam”. Come on Conor, this wasn’t about religion, this wasn’t about anyone else, but it was about you and Khabib – fighting for the best UFC champion honor.

Putin Congratulate Khabib – Credit: RT News.

Well, it seems like Khabib was so angry that he could not even express himself during the UFC Press show. And in the end, the Russian UFC and MMA champion Khabib nearly killed the Irish UFC champion McGregor. And the funny things is that Khabib Nurmagomedov even went on confronting members of Conor McGregor’s team after defeating the Irishman at UFC 229.

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